Spain High-Speed Trains

Experience luxurious and comfortable high-speed travel with Spain's Renfe trains, seamlessly connecting major cities and providing modern amenities for an unforgettable journey!

About Spanish Rail

Renfe, Spain's primary railway system, offers travelers a seamless and comfortable journey. With an extensive track network spanning over 5,100 km, it effortlessly links major cities and neighboring countries. Renfe Trains are renowned for their punctuality, speed, and comfort, offering passengers a range of classes, from Economy to First and Business, each ensuring a unique level of luxury and comfort for an enjoyable trip. Whether you're admiring scenic landscapes or staying productive on the go, Renfe Trains provide the perfect travel solution.

About Renfe Train

Embark on a journey of luxury and efficiency with Renfe Trains, Spain's top-tier railway network. Renfe offers swift and stylish city-to-city travel, with speeds of up to 230 km/h. Renowned for its punctuality, reliability, and modern amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi, Renfe connects major cities on multiple lines. Whether you prefer Economy, First, or Business class, Renfe ensures a comfortable trip through Spain's picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities aboard its high-speed trains.

Inside the Renfe Train

Explore the remarkable offerings of Renfe's high-speed trains by delving into their diverse amenities, ranging from various class choices to generous luggage accommodations. Step aboard for an immersive journey of discovery.

Popular Renfe Routes

What to Know About Renfe Trains

Renfe Trains offer a range of classes, including Turista (Economy), Turista Plus (Premium Economy), Preferente (First Class), and Club (Executive), each with varying levels of service and amenities.

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