Portugal High-Speed Trains

Experience high-speed travel in comfort and style with Portugal's Alfa Pendular trains, connecting major cities with modern amenities for an unforgettable journey!

About Portugal Railway

Portugal's railway network spans over 2,700 km of routes, connecting major cities and smaller towns throughout the country. The modern high-speed trains, including high-speed options like the Alfa Pendular, provide a comfortable and efficient means of travel, with amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and onboard dining available on many services. Whether you're a budget-conscious backpacker or a luxury-seeking traveler, Portugal's railway system offers an accessible and enjoyable way to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer.

About Alfa Pendular

Embark on the epitome of contemporary travel with the Alfa Pendular train - Portugal's premier and most indulgent mode of transportation between its major cities. Boasting tilting technology that reaches speeds of up to 250 km/h and a plethora of luxurious amenities, such as first-class seating, free snacks, and beverages, every trip promises a first-class experience. The train's state-of-the-art technology guarantees a smooth and secure journey, all while being an environmentally conscious transportation choice. Discover Portugal's stunning cities in unparalleled comfort and style with a journey on the Alfa Pendular train.

Inside the Alfa Pendular Train

Step onboard the Alfa Pendular high-speed train and have an in-depth look at the train's features, including different class amenities, luggage storage, and much more.

Popular Alfa Pendular Routes

What to Know About Alfa Pendular

Alfa Pendular is a high-speed train operated by Portuguese railway company Comboios de Portugal (CP). It is the fastest and most comfortable train in Portugal, with a top speed of 220 km/h.