Japan High-Speed Trains

Take Japan's Shinkansen trains for a comfortable, high-speed ride.With modern amenities, these trains provide an unforgettable journey between major cities!

About Japan Railway

Japan Railway, the country's top transportation network, offers passengers a smooth and comfortable travel experience. With a vast network of tracks extending over 25,000 km, connecting major cities is made effortless. The Shinkansen bullet trains, known for their iconic status, provide a high-speed journey with modern amenities for a memorable experience. Whether you're commuting or exploring, Japan Railway is a dependable and convenient option for your transportation needs.

About Shinkansen Bullet Train

Travel in style and comfort with the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed railway system nicknamed the "bullet train." With speeds reaching 320 km/h, the Shinkansen provides a fast and efficient way to travel between cities. It is well-known for its punctuality, amenities such as onboard food and beverage services, and top-notch safety standards. The Shinkansen operates on multiple lines connecting major cities and offers a range of classes to fit any budget. Embark on a remarkable journey through Japan's breathtaking cities with the luxurious comfort of the high-speed train.

Inside the Shinkansen Train

Discover the exceptional features of the Shinkansen high-speed train by taking a closer look at its amenities, including the different class options, ample luggage storage, and more. Step onboard for an immersive experience.

Popular Shinkansen Routes

What to Know About Shinkansen