Italy High-Speed Trains

Experience luxurious and comfortable high-speed travel with Italy's premier railway system, connecting major cities and offering modern amenities for an unforgettable journey!

About Italian Rail

Italian Rail, often referred to as Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS), stands as Italy's premier transportation network, delivering a seamless and comfortable travel experience. With an extensive network of tracks spanning over 5,100 km, it effortlessly connects major cities and neighboring countries. Italian Rail offers a variety of classes, including Economy, First, and Business, each promising a distinct level of luxury and comfort for an enjoyable journey. Whether you're savoring scenic vistas or staying productive on-the-go, Italian Rail is the ideal choice for travel.

About Italo Train

Experience luxurious and swift travel with Italy's most renowned train service. With speeds reaching up to 230 km/h, this premier transportation network ensures efficient city-to-city travel. Renowned for its punctuality, reliability, and modern amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi, this train service operates on multiple routes connecting major cities. It offers a range of classes, including Economy, First, and Business, to accommodate various budgets. Embark on a remarkable journey through Italy's picturesque landscapes and enchanting cities while relishing the luxurious comfort of the high-speed trains.

Inside the Italo Train

Explore the outstanding features of Italo Trains by delving into their onboard amenities, including a variety of class options, generous luggage storage, and much more. Step aboard for an immersive and delightful journey.

Popular Italo Routes

What to Know About Italo Trains

Italo Trains offer several travel classes, including Smart Class, Comfort Class, Prima Class, and Club Executive, each with its own level of comfort and amenities.